July 27 Message From Your Pastors “Now is the Time”

We are at the end of July,  and as the heat bears down,  you might start dreaming of fall weather. Which means it is a good time to start dreaming about who might start attending Orchard Covenant this fall as well!

Most of you know the acronym, BLESS for evangelism,  but if you don’t, right now I just want to point you to the first two letters:  Begin in Prayer  and Listen with Intention.

Would you start doing those two things with people in your life that could use a church family?  When you listen,  the intentionality part is to be God’s hand and heart for them.  To listen because God cares for them and wants to help and heal.  You don’t need to share that unless God prompts,  but listen with God’s ears.

Would you do that for the Indian Orchard community?   If you don’t live in the Orchard,  you can still pray.   If you live in the Orchard,  how can you be more connected to your neighbors and to the life of the church?  If you join the facebook page, Indian Orchard Community Page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/184532393310574/),  you will be able to see lots of events happening in the Orchard.  Those are opportunities to get to know your neighbors.  This year is a good year to start our outreach to Indian Orchard and expand God’s kingdom through OCC into the Orchard.  It starts with prayer,  and listening.  Join in!

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