What We Believe

We Believe...

We believe in doing life together for the sake of God’s mission in the world.

Here’s what that means specifically.

1. We believe God’s mission includes:

  • Ending sin and death through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Caring for the world God created as intended from the beginning.
  • Bringing reconciliation to all God’s people, breaking down the walls of division including race, class, and able-ness.

2. We believe that the local body of Christ is called to participate in this mission as God’s Holy Spirit empowers us.

3. We believe that this is best done as a fellowship.  That means together in compassionate community with each other.

4. We believe that all of humanity needs to be reborn and live dependent on God’s spirit which resides in all who trust in Jesus.

5. We believe in Jesus, there is freedom, even to disagree. Faith is about the work of the Spirit in us and not in the perfect set of doctrines.

6. We believe in asking the question, “where is it written"? Not as a hammer to push agendas, but in building unity amongst diversity. Instead of fighting over dogma and doctrines, we center our relationships around what is written in God’s word, the Bible.

You can learn more about these 6 affirmations through our denomination,  covchurch.org.


Join with us each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.
95 Berkshire Street, Indian Orchard, MA 01151 (Map)

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