July 13 Message From Pastor Karen “Pilgrim Pines”

Dear Church,

If you haven’t witnessed the devastation at Pilgrim Pines (our East Coast Conference retreat and conference center), this video will give you an idea.

My heart is breaking. My mind is on a loop. “Lord, be with Jim (camp director), Father, rescind the waters, help the campers dig the cars out, thank you no one was hurt, Lord, please let Squanto be ok so our church kids can go, Father, provide the finances for repair, Lord be with Jim, Scotty, Kayla, Kira, and all the staff…” Anyway, you get the picture. You don’t have to remind me to pray for camp because that is all I’m thinking about.

Eerily, Pastor Nick mentioned that water can sometimes bring devastation. And the ancients were very aware of this! How can something that brings life also be the source of such tremendous devastation? Well, as it turns out, a lot of things are like that. Take love, for example. It brings so much life and joy, but when it is lost, nothing grieves us more deeply.

So for now, let’s be praying. I have sought answers and so far I have only learned that prayers and support are needed. If you have something in your life that is not going well, and your mind is on a loop about it, please share it with someone. We are the church. God designed us to do hard things and to bear hard things together.

With lots of love…

Pastor Karen

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