International Outreach

Together Means Everyone!

We take seriously that God wants to have a relationship with every tribe, tongue and nation. 

This means for us,  worshiping together while valuing each other’s unique cultures.

Currently,  we have people who were born and raised in over eight countries and three continents. 

Do you want to be a part of this?  We are always looking for the following people to be part of this ministry.

Real-time translators

During worship,  we use a service called Livevoice.IO which allows our worshippers to listen to real-time translation via their smartphone and earbuds.  This allows us to worship together while everybody understanding God’s word to them each Sunday.

Cultural Ambassadors

We rely on people who know their own cultures to be part of their communities.  Working to love and care for them as Jesus does, and bringing their needs to our church so that we can love and support them well.

Muhudu Mission

Started by Mama Esther,  it was originally a feeding program for orphans in the Muhudu village in Kenya.  It has expanded to include the feeding program,  school uniforms and fees for primary and secondary school,  and the Nancy Ebner Scholarship fund for college tuition, fees and supplies.   Want to donate? click here.


Join with us each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.
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