July 6 Message From Pastor Nick “Being refreshed at work… even when it’s terrible”

I (Pastor Nick) stumbled upon this quote and I think it fits our series about finding God’s refreshment:

“(W)hat makes you think that God is absent from the maintenance shop but present in the chapel? . . . Holiness doesn’t depend on changing our jobs, but in doing for God’s sake what we have been used to doing for our own. Seriously—repair the equipment for God, answer the abusive phone calls for God, concentrate fully on the job you’re doing for God. He isn’t obsessed with religion— he’s the God of the whole of life. But we need to give it to him, consciously turning it over into his hands. Then whatever we’re doing—provided it is not against his will—becomes an act of Christian service.”  –  Brother Lawrence

As long as we don’t treat it like another burden (ie. God says I have to be happy at work),  but instead as a way in which God is redeeming all things,  we can be refreshed to know that even the most mundane and trivial work,  it is possible to let that be an act of faith.   

If you are feeling overworked and too tired to spend time with God, invite Him into your busy time,  make yourself aware of His presence with you at work or as your volunteer.  Ask God’s spirit to be with you and check in briefly with God during decisions at work,  or in annoying moments, or when you need a bit more patience.   

Then you will find drips of refreshment even in the exhaustion of work.  I am not promising a deluge — for many,  you are in jobs that will never be quite joyous — but God is there to give you his peace and his joy and to get you through!


Pastor Nick

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