September 22 Message From Pastor Karen

On Sunday, September 25th we have our Fall Kick-Off when Sunday School re-starts for all ages and the Fall officially begins for our life together as a church. This is always an exciting time and it is sure to be this year as well.

In addition to the exciting programs, though, I believe that God is doing something special. Pastor Nick and I have discerned God’s call towards a sermon series called, “More Than Words: Christian character today.” In this series we will study facets of God’s character that as Christ followers we are called to emulate in our daily lives. We know that following Jesus is about more than saying the right things but how do we actually become like him? 

This all came about from a conviction that I received about contentment vs. resentment vs. justice. To be honest, I’m still praying that through, wrestling, reading, journaling, and seeking counsel. But through it all, I feel my spirit, my heart, my mind, my faith and my innards stretching. This is growth! And growth is exciting! 

The truth is, when I stand before a modern list of Christian virtues that are fleshed out from the basic virtues of faith, hope and love, I am humbled. And humbled (note: not insecure – that is different) is a teachable posture. And, a teachable posture is required when a follower is seeking to grow. And isn’t that a big piece of what we seek the Lord for both on Sunday mornings and in personal devotion? We seek that the Lord might grow us so that the Lord might use us more effectively for His glory and honor. 

Curious about our resources for this? It all started here:  http://abbeyoftheway.us/wordpress1/the-way/

Above is the website created by Father Len Cowan, a retired Episcopal Priest and my friend Pastor Sarah Cowan Johnson’s dad and pod-cast co-host @peopleoftheway podcast. You can find more links to his outlines of the virtues on the website above. 

Anyway, it’s always exciting to follow where God leads and Pastor Nick and I really look forward to hearing how God stirs these virtues more deeply into your lives this fall (and into our life together)!

Blessings to you! See you Sunday at 9:45AM for SUNDAY SCHOOL! Worship at 11!

Grace and peace to you!
Pastor Karen

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