October 6 Message From Pastor Nick – “New Look,  Same Purpose”

You have already probably noticed that the weekly Messenger looks a little different.  It has been redesigned with the church’s logo and colors,  but also you will start to see the same “quick links” box at the top of the email each week.  We hope this will help to make the email more user-friendly by highlighting some of the important info that this email provides every week while also allowing us to bring new items towards the top of the email!

The purpose of the weekly e-news is to provide another point of connection, albeit virtual, to the life of the church.  Pastor Karen and I provide access to what is going on in our hearts every week in the Pastor’s message.  Don’t know what is going on in the church?  We post every week the events happening in and outside our church.  Do you watch our financial picture?  That info is there.  Want to know when the service is or how to watch online if you can’t make it this week,  there’s a link for that….  

Did you know that you can communicate to the church through the e-news?  Do you have a testimony, a poem, a creative spark from the holy spirit?  Do you want to report on an event that happened in our church or through our church that was meaningful?  The weekly e-news is a vehicle for you to do that.  Articles are due by Tuesday evening.


Pastor Nick

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