June 27 Message From Your Pastors

Orchard Covenant,

Pastor Karen reminded us on Sunday that Jesus never disappeared people.  He valued even the extremist.  Have you taken any steps of restoration in your relationships?

Jesus very intentionally picked both a Zealot (Militant Right) and a Tax Collector (A Compromised Progressive).

He also told them to follow him.  Leave aside the primacy of their politics and power bases,  and adopt the Jesus-way.  What are ways that power or politics have taken primacy in areas of your life?  Is there repentance to do?

This week,  we are going to continue on our series, “Jesus said what ?!?”

We are looking at John 7, where contrary to popular belief,  Jesus told us to judge.   Why is this so uncomfortable for us? How does it relate to Jesus’ other saying “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

Should you judge, not judge, judge moderately?  Or is the Jesus-way something altogether different from any of these options?

Join us this week in person or if you are traveling,  online, as we continue to explore what Jesus ACTUALLY said.


Pastor Nick

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