October 26 Message From Your Pastors


What a three years it has been!
Did you know that Pastor Karen and I were installed three years ago,  October 25th, 2020!  Facebook reminded me.  Of course, we had started long before that, but COVID had delayed the installation several months.

In that time, there has been a lot of change.  When change happens,  usually there are people who like it and people that don’t,  but whether it has made you happier or less happy with the state of the church,  one thing is crystal clear —  God has been faithful to our church.

We have been able to continue our mission to be part of God’s mission in our own peculiar way.  And God has blessed us!   While most churches are still recovering from losses from COVID and changes in the culture, our attendance this year is back to levels as high as 5-6 years ago.  Financially,  our stewardship of God’s resources has led to giving (General Fund) at a pace to be at levels not seen since 2002.  Praise God and thank you!

But finances and attendance are not the goal or mission.  They are just indicators that God is at work amongst us.  Since God is on the move,  I wonder what He is doing?  As God has brought some more people and some more resources to us,  how can we steward them to go deeper into God’s mission?

Maybe you have ideas?  Maybe it is a way to form our 20-30 youth and kids to more fully formed disciples.   Maybe it is a way to reach our working aged adults more effectively.  Maybe ways to care better for each other,  and grow into closeness as a church community.  Maybe it is caring for all the local communities that we represent.  Maybe ways to reach people better for the gospel.  Maybe it is a way to love better and more fully.   Whatever it is,  we want to hear about it!  It doesn’t have to be a big idea either or fully formed.  We want to know what God is talking to you about.

Your pastors want hear your ideas for God’s mission through this church.  We want to connect your ideas to the greater mission and vision of Orchard Covenant,  and strategize how we can do it well and sustainably and how it can fit into all the tasks that God has given our church.  But most importantly,  we want to empower you to answer your call to God’s mission by helping you bring your ideas into action.

We are small,  but God says that if we are faithful with the little, it shows that we will be faithful with much.  Let’s continue the course, but not grow weary.   Change will continue to be part of our life together,  but so will God’s faithfulness.

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