October 19 Message From Your Pastors


Many of you are aw Elasticity of a faithFULL life

Our sons love their “Goo-Jitsu” figurines which are super stretchable characters ( kind of like “stretch Armstong” from when I was a kid). They love them because they can be pulled and bent and stretched out,  but are able to return back to form when they are done.   They have high elastic strength.

Elastic strength is defined as the ability for an object to be stretched without breaking and then come back to its original shape.

We are starting a series of messages about RESILIENCE, that will last (with a break for Advent) through until Lent.

Resilience is really just a word for when people are elastic — emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Resilient people can withstand the stretches and pulls of life.  Sometimes we think that we need to be HARD in order to weather the challenges of life,  unable to be changed or altered,  unaffected.  But in reality,  hard things, when hit with hard things, tend to shatter.  But if you put a hammer to my son’s goo-jitsu,  it will stretch but also absorb,  and then when the hammer is done hitting, it returns back to its shape.  It is RESILIENT.

We are going to look at what faith postures and practices lead to a life that is RESILIENT and which ones leave us susceptible to struggling through the ups and downs of life.

Do you have friends/ co-workers that could use some tools to manage their life?  This is a good series to invite people to, as we offer a vision of how the life of faith is the one best suited to give us the tools to thrive regardless of our circumstances.  Or Maybe you just need that for yourself. Either way,  we invite you and your friends into this series, “Resilient: postures and practices for living life well.”


Pastor Nick

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