May 25 Message From Pastor Nick “Happy Pentecost”

This Sunday is Pentecost… You can celebrate if you want by wearing red,  or a 1990’s style flames t-shirt.  On Sundays,  we have been exploring what the church was meant to do,  and walking through three pictures of the church:  one family,  one body, and this week,  one temple.  These pictures are found in Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus.

But you don’t get far in Ephesians without seeing that the Holy Spirit is the sole reason that the church can be what these pictures represent.   If we are one family,  it is only by the Holy Spirit which shows this true.  It is the matching T-shirts that we wear by which we identify our family amongst the crowd.  If we are one body,  the holy spirit is the nerves that connect us together and allows us to work cooperatively to accomplish the purpose of the head (who is Christ).  If we are one temple,  well,  we will get to that in this week’s sermon. But regardless, it is only in our submission to God’s spirit that the church can function as a unity of differents.  It is the common thread that pulls us together.

If you are not in the habit of inviting God’s spirit into you daily,  let this Pentecost be an opportunity to begin the habit.   When you encounter challenging people or are frustrated with something in or about the church,  do you ask for wisdom from God’s spirit?  Pentecost is a good time to start.  If you are wondering what your place is in the church,  pray that God’s spirit gifts you and shows your gifts that God has for you to build up the church.  Pray that God’s spirit would display his fruit in you of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control.  You can know if you are in step with the spirit, by comparing your life to these fruit.  If they are lacking,  then it is time to seek the Spirit more.

If we live by the Spirit, then the World will see that Christ is in us,  and will believe in His heavenly father.

The church needs more spirit-led Christians.  Will you commit to seek after God’s spirit this Pentecost?


Pastor Nick

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