May 18 Message From Pastor Nick “What If I Am Not Sure?”

We were talking the other day with someone in a serious situation and they mentioned that they were not certain that they believed in God. And this is something that we encounter quite frequently,  people who have been church-attenders,  but underneath there is fear because there is doubt somewhere inside them.

But there is a false assumption that seeds this fear.  Following Jesus is not about certainty.  Praise God for those with unwavering faith,  it is a blessing in the here and now. But while faith and belief play a role in our life and salvation through Jesus, so does confession and commitment.

In Romans,  it says that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and (have faith) that God raised Jesus from the dead,  you will be saved.   Confession and having faith are choices that we can make whether we are sure or not.

For some, following Jesus comes from certainty; some of us follow Jesus and that certainty develops as we follow;  and for others,  doubt is a companion on the journey.  But God honors our faithfulness and commitment regardless.

Rather than chasing away doubt,  let us lean into the life of faith.   That is where the blessing is found!

Pastor Nick

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