June 15 Message From Pastor Nick “Planting seeds… in others”

Pastor Karen reminded us last Sunday that there are kingdom seeds and there are weeds of the enemy.  We are always planting seeds in our lives, whether intentional or not.   Some of them will grow into the fruit of the kingdom-  Righteousness,  Peace and Joy.  Other seeds that we plant will grow thorns that cut and hurt.

BUT we are also always sowing seeds into the lives of others.  Whether THEY want them or not. Some of our seeds will be weeds that produce no fruit or crowded out fruit-bearing plants.  Some of our seeds can be Kingdom seeds.  God is the farmer that nurtures those seeds,  the people in our lives are the soil that can be either open or hard,  but we are sowing seeds no matter what.

Let us be intentional to sow Kingdom seeds into the soil of those around us-  our church youth,  our young adults,  your friends, your family, and your co-workers –  even that cashier at the convenience store.  You never know that God is going to cultivate in the fullness of time,  because you planted the right seeds.


Pastor Nick

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