February 23 Message From Pastor Nick – Dancing in the Dust

Blessed Lent, Mission Friends of Orchard Covenant!

Instead of my own words,  I thought I’d hand the mic over to Cathy Norman Peterson,  editor of Covenant Companion.

Here is a snippet and then I encourage all of you to click the link to read the whole article:

“Esau McCaulley writes about the pitfalls of being an adult convert to Lent in Lent: The Season of Repentance and Renewaldescribing the temptation to use it as a “sanctified excuse to get into shape,” that eager desire to “do it right,” and the twisting of fasting into performance — “Look how much I’m sacrificing for Jesus!”

I’ve succumbed to those temptations. I’ve given up dessert because I secretly wanted to lose weight. I’ve halfheartedly given up TV, then made excuses to cling to habits of numbing out in front of screens. I’ve refused to take a Sabbath pause on Sundays, slipping back into legalistic habits. How susceptible I am to performative faith when I “do” Lent.

So these days I’m seeking a spirit of renewal. I need to be restored in the presence of the Spirit…”

Read the rest here:  https://covchurch.org/2023/02/20/dancing-in-the-dust/

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