February 2 Message From Pastor Nick – Looking under the hood: Joining in on our annual meeting

With the complicated nature of cars these days,  we almost never open on the hood of our cars.  But I remember as a kid,  working on our Model K- cars with my dad.  I remember the marvel of seeing all the parts working together to make the car move.  I also remember sometimes seeing mouse nests or grass clippings or grease where it didn’t belong.

This Sunday (February 5th), after church,  is our annual business meeting.  And it is very much like looking under the hood of a car.

You don’t have to look under the hood of your car to get from place to place.  Without having to understand “the how it works”,  it just does.  If you just want to have Orchard Covenant take you from point A to point B,  you don’t need to attend the annual meeting.

But you will miss out on seeing how all the pieces of the church,  its ministries/events/ finances,  how all of it is working together to make our church run towards God’s mission.  You will miss a look under the hood and behind the curtain.

It is also important to look under the hood at the annual meeting because maybe there is a bit of grease in the wrong spot that only you notice or see.  It is a way to be responsible with this vehicle of God’s kingdom,  to be part of its maintenance,  so that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

So I want to encourage you,  whether you are a member or just a regular attender,  the meeting is open for all to attend.  Please consider joining us as we look under the hood celebrating the marvel of how God is using each part of the car (each of us) to move God’s spirit in our church and outward to build His Kingdom.  And be part of the many eyes that look to make sure that we are stewarding this vehicle to the best of our abilities.

See you there!
Pastor Nick

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