December 21 Message From Your Pastors


Merry Christmas,  Noeli Nziza,  Joyeux Noel, & Heri ya Krismasi!

What an amazing witness that our church is to the power of God, through the birth of a child, in the backwaters of an oppressed nation, sent to save the whole world,  including the oppressive empire!

May we continue in the work of Jesus-  reconciling all tongues, tribes and nations to God AND each other –  as we remember together where it all began– in the feeding trough in a tiny village! If God can start a movement there,  he can certainly use you where you are!

Come celebrate together this Christmas season –  Lessons and Carols at 11am on Christmas Eve,  and then gather back together at 5pm Christmas Eve for the Candle Lighting Serviceand for those who like worship on Christmas Day,  our Swahili language service at 11am.

Blessings to you this Christmas,

Pastors Karen and Nick

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