September 21 Message From Your Pastors


Last Sunday was the first launch of Sunday School. Dina Hokanson has agreed to lead our high school class, which is actually a sizable group this year. There were 7 teens in the class last Sunday. New to the group is Beatrice Kashindi (16) who arrived from Tanzania within the past six months. Dina, in the incredible way that she can, called attention to Beatrice and asked her class what they could do to help since Beatrice Kashindi does not know English yet. Christina (15) immediately responded and said, “Well, I’ll translate for her. People helped us, it’s our turn now.” So, Christina, proceeded to translate the entire class. She also taught Beatrice Kashindi to say, “My name is Beatrice Kashindi.” Incredible.

Friends, this is a full-circle moment for Christina, for Dina and for our congregation. This is what the whole gospel is about. Not just sharing about Jesus, but walking out his love, even when it’s not convenient.  And even when it’s hard.

Let’s give God a clap for working in our midst and let’s raise a cheer for the hard work Christina has done to be bilingual!

Good things happen at OCC! Remember, to share your stories of the Whole Gospel at work in our midst so that we can all be encouraged.


Pastor Karen

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