March 10 Message From Pastor Nick – Have you been doing the missional challenges?

Have you been doing the missional challenges?

God spreads his kingdom through us,  his church.  It is the rare exception that you hear God’s spirit work without the influence of God’s people.  It is not easy,  but the good news needs newsboys (and girls) to spread it.  But we know that it is not easy,  that’s why we have been giving little steps into the process of developing relationships that God can use to help spread his mission into the communities that God places you.  These are little ways in which we can stretch ourselves to reach out.  Please consider trying them,  I truly believe that God will use them to equip you and our church through them.  See this month’s challenge right below….


Pastor Nick

Missional Challenge for March:  Offer Encouragement


1. Ask God to bring to mind someone who doesn’t know Jesus or is under-churched who could use some encouragement.
2. Ask God to remind you of what’s good and beautiful about that person; also ask if
there’s anything in particular you should share with them.
3. Reach out to them (by phone, card, email—a handwritten note is always better) and tell them that you were thinking about them and what you appreciate about them. Share anything else you feel led to share.

This year,  we are going to put in some monthly missional challenges to help us stretch and grow our missional, outward reaching muscles.  These are simple,  do-able ways to begin to focus on connecting ourselves to our friends, neighbors and community.
We pray that they will bless you as you practice them.

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