June 23 Message From Pastor Nick – “What does it mean to be “Covenant”?

With Pastor Karen away at Gather 2022, which is our denomination’s annual meeting, it seems a good time to mention what it means to be Covenant. You might ask why it matters?

 It matters because if you like the church that we are here locally, it is a reflection of our denomination nationally. In fact, you will find that Orchard Covenant’s values and ethos is very “Covenant”.  It is good to be part of a larger group of Christ-followers and mission friends!  

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I want to ask that you take time to browse these two short pages:  http://covchurch.org/who-we-are/identity/   and  http://covchurch.org/who-we-are/beliefs/  .

I think that it will inspire you to be proud of our global church.


Pastor Nick

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