August 9 Message From Pastor Nick – “Keeping Up The Momentum”?

Your pastors are excited for what God is doing.  Whether it is the 15+ teens and young adults at the church picnic or the 50+ Indian Orchard residents that our Mega Sports Night put us in contact with, God has been opening up opportunities! Our youth and young adults have gotten opportunities to serve and many of all ages found themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with the community.  

It was also probably tiring at times. I know that we were wiped on Thursday nights when we finally got our kids to bed way after their bedtimes. I want to encourage you to rest and to rest in God. If we are not spiritually renewing ourselves,  we will burnout. This was one of the messages of our Elijah series.  You will also burnout if you are not growing in God yourself.  Maybe there is a ministry there for you of helping each other grow in God this fall. 


God has us starting toward his mission. We need to look to continue the good work that God has started amongst us.  Pastor Karen is convinced that we have found a good interaction point with the community down at Myrtle Park.  Are there other ways that we can keep that connection? More ways to be shoulder-to-shoulder in the Orchard.  What can God dream through you of doing? 

 How can we deepen our efforts to engage our 20-30 something adults? Do we know when they are not there? Do we reach out? Do you want me to connect you with one to take out to lunch? Who is already in your circle?  Did you teach them in Sunday school? Did you help them learn to drive? Or fill out paperwork or tutor them?  

I hope you can taste the mission that God has for us. I hope this fall, we continue the course,  race the good race, lean on each other, love each other in this effort, and pray that God will water the seeds that are being planted.

Praise God!

Pastor Nick

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