April 14 Message From Your Pastors

Exciting Day ahead!! SUNDAY, APRIL 28 is a stunner of a day for us at Orchard Covenant! Ever wonder where the Soup Can (a collection we take in the fall) offerings go? In worship we will be hearing from, Adam Edgarly, the Director of Covenant World Relief and Development for our denomination. After worship, Adam…

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April 7 Message From Your Pastors

Time to finish this thought… Easter Greetings Orchard! I pray that this message finds you still clinging to the hope of Christ in light of his resurrection… With no intention to dissolve this joy, I want to follow up on a message I delivered on Palm Sunday. I mentioned that Jesus rode into Jerusalem, and that,…

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March 29Message From Your Pastors

I invited 5 people to Easter… But before you congratulate my bravery,  they were all people that are connected in some way to our church already.  Some of them come occasionally.  Some of them used to come.  Some of them know people at the church.  One of them had reached out on Facebook.On Maundy Thursday,  we…

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March 21 Message From Your Pastors

“What difference will following Jesus make in my life?” This was a question asked by one of the students in my discipleship/confirmation class. Church – this is a question we need to answer. Who is ready? I’d love to fill Easter-tide – the season after Easter with personal testimonies. When did your faith become important to…

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March 14 Message From Your Pastors

The Kingdom of God does not expand…. we are invited in. A Covenant pastor posted this insight on a Facebook forum that I am in: “The kingdom of God is not something we “build” or “advance” or “expand.” The fact that many Christians use such verbiage when talking about the kingdom of God should tell…

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March 7 Message From Your Pastors

God at work… Many thanks to all of you who cooked, came and served at the African Party this past Saturday. What a celebration! I don’t think I have ever seen so much food in our community hall! We hosted friends and neighbors. Even our son, Ben, brought a friend, his sister and his mom,…

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February 15 Message From Your Pastors

A Lenten Focus Ash Wednesday was this week,  overlapping with Valentine’s day and kicking off the liturgical season of Lent.  I didn’t grow up with Lent.  When I was a kid,  in my tradition,  Lent was one of those extra things that Catholics did,  that we didn’t have to do because we were free in…

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February 8 Message From Your Pastors

It’s been 9 days since we returned from Kenya. Wow. What a trip. I think I will be processing this trip the rest of my life… I know last week Nick shared in the enews what he learned in Kenya, so I’ll do the same. 1. Driving here is a piece of cake. 2. I…

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February 1 Message From Your Pastors

What I learned in Kenya Most of you all know that Karen and I had the privilege to spend two weeks in Kenya and visit the good work being done in Muhudu village through our church’s support. I learned a lot during this time–I learned just how much difference 10 dollars a month can make…

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January 12 Message From Your Pastors

OFF WE GO… Your pastors are excited to be off to Kenya on Friday.  Thank you for all your support and prayers as we head over to visit Muhudu and see the good work that our church does in supporting the orphans in the village.  This is one of the ways that God has given…

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