Pastor’s Blog for September: “We join God in God’s mission: to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world”

This is a foundational vision statement of our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church. God’s mission is large and complex. Our loving God’s desire for God’s creation is that people will turn from selfish sin and follow the way of Jesus, which brings transformation, reconciliation and peace to human society. We are called to join that mission.

Sometimes we think all God wants is more people to repent and accept Jesus to receive the promise of eternity with God in heaven. And new birth in Christ is vital! But the whole gospel, God’s biblical vision, is for more disciples – actual followers, who take on the character of God as modeled by Jesus Christ and are transformed through active discipleship. Disciples touch more populations with gospel- oriented action in society. Disciples of Jesus are called to create a world in which God’s caring heart beats for all people with equality and justice. Disciples of Jesus work for peace and reconciliation, and the end of evil mistreatment of vulnerable populations.

Our mission in Muhudu Village – a mission of compassion and mercy – is also a mission of justice, as vulnerable children were not receiving care. It’s also a mission of reconciliation and peace, as we feed all the orphans – Christian, Muslim and other. One grandmother who had been in conflict with our Jumba family made peace with Mama Esther after her grandchild was lovingly welcomed, fed and given a school uniform, which made education possible. The Muhudu community is a “more caring and just” community, through our act of giving food in Jesus’ name.

How can we continue to join God in God’s mission? Times of change can also be times of growth. Let’s pray, talk, and actively practice the disciplines of disciples of Jesus.

See you in Church! Pastor Nancy Ebner