Pastor’s Blog for November

Parade of Testimonies! November 17, 11am worship: “The Word of God is Alive!”

It’s been three years since we last shared our “Cardboard Testimonies.” As a way to celebrate our completion of the
“Immerse” Bible readings, everyone is invited to share some way God has changed you through the Bible, through
knowing Jesus, through our church. Think of how God has worked in your life and express the “before” and “after”
in just a few words on two sides of a piece of cardboard or poster board. Bring extra cardboards to church for others,
if you have them. Questions? Ask Pastor Nancy or google cardboard testimonies youtube.
I look forward to seeing what God has done in your lives!

Building Our Church by Practicing Generosity: Tithe, Time, Talents, and Testimony

This fall our small groups are reading Chronicles and beyond. Much about worship: building and dedicating the Jerusalem
temple with well-planned and practiced worship experiences, followed by times of neglect and re-building and
repeatedly re-dedicating it. When the people are following God and doing well, they respond to the request for a
“tithe,” or a “tenth” of all their crops and other income with generous hearts and willing spirits.
In my fifteen years here as your pastor, I have experienced Orchard Covenant as a generous people. Everyone participates
in giving. And you plan your money well, to be generous to both local and worldwide mission needs. I’ve
been very proud of you! Please continue to grow your giving, to support OCC and your future pastor! I hope you
are already praying for her / him.

Questions for a Generous Church

Our amazing church building needs money, time and talent to maintain. Also, we the people are Orchard Covenant
Church! What must we give, to support our staff to build and maintain this healthy and growing People of God and
bless others in Jesus’ name?

Let’s look at our ministry family with thankful and generous hearts and a vision for the future. And let us consider
how we can give with a willing and joyful spirit. Ponder these questions for a grateful heart:
** What do you love about our Church? * *Who in our church has made a difference in your life?
**What is your greatest dream for Orchard Covenant Church? **What is your financial commitment to the
church? **And how will you grow in service in Jesus’ name?

There’s a pledge card included; they’re also available at church. Please Pray and Pledge your most generous amount
and turn it in by November 24. Trust God to provide your needs after you give, then give. Consider our “4 T’s:”
Tithe, Time, Talents, and Testimony. Please promise and practice generosity at Orchard Covenant in 2020.

See you in church! Pastor Nancy Ebner