Pastor’s Blog for May: We’ve Been Busy!

Besides our regular weekly and Sunday activities with preparation – bulletins, Sunday School, worship, Munch ‘n Mingle, choir, special music, teachers, kitchen teams – take a look at some major events we’ve been part of:

March 23 a large baby shower dance party for Lela Magongo, wife of Amani Mtungwa – their fourth child, a son Simeon Lukalula, was born healthy on April 7. During the same time Amani’s father died, and OCC and refu-gee community gathered at their home on April 13 to grieve and celebrate his life.

March 30 Reverian Butoyi’s nephew’s wedding at OLSH and reception including 200+ Burundian and East Af-rican guests, showcased beautiful Burundian traditions – music, dance, gifts, At the wedding Father Bill spoke not just to the couple, but to the whole community, telling their story as since 2007 he and we at OCC have seen this community progress amazingly here in their new homeland. Father Bill told the group, “I am so proud of you.” I am too.

April 6 at the Martin Luther King Family Services Social Justice Luncheon at Chez Josef – almost 500 people were there to bestow Social Justice Awards to local people and organizations – including ACTS tutoring of which our ACTS program is a part, and some of our members have been with since its beginning 31 years ago.

THEN, also on April 6, we held our awesome Spring Fine Arts Evening – we displayed our art and 17 individu-als and groups sang, spoke, and played self-composed, sacred and other favorite pieces. It all moved my heart, and I still have chills over the choir singing, “I Choose Love,” composed after the shooting at Emmanu-el Church in Charleston, SC.

Then, Holy Week clean – up – thanks to our youth the property was raked and cleaned, and now thanks to many, including Mike and Jeanne, Mary Ann, Dick, the Johns H, Wally, Mark Harvard, Jose Nunez and oth-ers, we spring-cleaned and got some painting done.

THEN – April 21 Easter Breakfast, and a wonderful Resurrection Service –
THEN – April 25-26 the East Coast Conference Ministers’ annual meeting – which WE HOSTED! About 85 pastors attended, and everyone loved our hospitality, food, and our awesome church building.
ADD TO THIS, our Pastoral Search Committee meets regularly
AND, if we all told our personal stories, we would be amazed how many ways God is working in and through OCC and our busy people. God is so good to us in so many ways!

It’s OK to keep May simpler! Let’s breathe deeply – and continue to be “busy” simply in the routines of the OCC family’s daily and weekly life with Jesus by our side:

Busy – in activities that refresh and renew
Busy in the Word and in prayer – for: OCC, for our greater witness to Christ in our community – for our Search Committee, for our next pastor, for vulnerable people, for our world
Busy in quieter days, time in our gardens, practicing hospitality
Busy with healthy living, body, mind, spirit, and in our relationships
Busy joining the OCC family for worship at 11am on Sundays. See you in Church! Pastor Nancy