Pastor’s Blog for March: Waiting for Spring? Or for Life?

There’s an old saying about March weather: March comes in like a lion…and goes out like a lamb. Meaning, it’s still winter when March begins, and it’s spring when March ends. By this time, we’re waiting for Spring. March is sometimes white with snow, but I also think of March as the “brown” and gray month – brown grass, gray trees, dirty brown snow by the roadsides – and my eyes are looking for color! For life! Well, at Orchard Covenant Church, March – and every month – is a place of life. You should be here.

Life – on Sunday mornings, come early to see about 25 people in Sunday School with their teachers, learning and growing in their faith. Stand in the Blue Room – and you’ll hear the activity level of our Upper Elementary class overhead! Look in my office – and you’ll see our confirmation students diligently working on their assignments. The high school class seems quiet – but if you go up the stairs and look, there they are, bibles open, talking. The younger kids love Roberta’s morning routine of lessons, prayers, projects, snacks and playtime. And Roberta loves them! The adult class passes out the scripture for the day – do you prefer English or Swahili? – and holds lively bible discussions from diverse cultural viewpoints, with translations going back and forth. One of our Sunday school teachers, struggling with cancer, still gets herself to class if she possibly can – one Sunday morning she wasn’t feeling great but she told me, “I can’t think of a more exciting place to be on a Sunday morning than with these children from all over the world!

During February vacation we had a Youth Work and Play Day. For several hours, our hard- working group emp-tied the upstairs storage attic, cleaned it, and helped to sort the stuff. They hauled some to the dumpster, some to give away, and put some back. They ate pizza, played ping pong and fussball and found a board game and en-gaged in fun and laughter. It had snowed, and they helped shovel around the church. Before going home we read and talked about some teachings of Jesus and prayed. They said they had a great day working, and in their prayers thanked God for the chance to serve. I’m so grateful for young minds and muscles and hearts for God.

And there’s more… come and see – and join – what God is doing here at OCC in Jesus’ name. Let’s thank and praise God! Also will you please pray for us in this year of transition? Pray for our search committee, pray for our children, pray for their parents, pray over their many challenges, pray for our elderly, pray for my new grandchild to be born safety in mid-March… Pray that we will all come to know and love the Lion and the Lamb of scripture – two images of God – as we march through March, full of life, whatever the weather does.

We might be waiting for Spring, but we’re not waiting for Life – we’ve got life here at OCC!
See you in Church! Pastor Nancy Ebner