Message from Pastor Karen and Pastor Nick Munn

We are pleased to accept your church’s call to have us as your next pastors! The warmth and kindness that we experienced in getting to know many of you encourages us as we prepare to serve Orchard Covenant. While June 1st might seem to be far away, it will be upon us in no time and we are excited to begin the work with you all. In the meantime, Karen is working on ending her time at UCC Medfield well. We both are working hard to get our home ready to sell, and watching daily for houses in the greater Springfield area to come on the market. Our 3 boys are excited as well for this new adventure though not without some anxiety about what is being left behind. Your prayers are coveted for our family during this transition and for God’s providence in aligning the selling and buy-ing of houses. We also hope that you will pray earnestly for this next step in the life of Orchard Covenant, and the role that God has for you in it. Change is both a challenge and an opportunity, and we hope that you are praying that, through God’s grace, the opportunities will vastly outweigh the challenges.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Karen and Pastor Nick Munn

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