June Message From Pastors Karen and Nick

We’ve arrived! Well, kind of…

As of June 1st, we are excited to be officially serving you all as we work together to be God’s hands and feet in the Orchard and beyond.

We know that this is not how any of us expected to start our ministry with you, but as many have said well, our church is not closed, we are just scattered.

So we want to focus our time on establishing connections with you however we can and offer ways that you can safely connect with each other.

Let us also not forget, since our church is not closed, neither should be our hearts for those that are lost, sick, or in need. We must continue to connect to our communities as well as to connecting them to God through Christ.

When the first Christians were scattered through Saul’s persecution, they saw opportunity. In the book of Acts, Phillip left Jerusalem and the Christian community during this time, but as he scattered, he was still being faithful in listening for God’s spirit. Because of this, God used him to speak to an Ethiopian Eunuch. Phillip’s daily rhythms were disrupted, but in that Phillip found opportunity! Christian tradition has this Eunuch (named Bachos) founding what became the Ethiopian Orthodox church, which serves 36 million Christians today.

Long story short, stay faithful and let God use you where you are…

Finally, we want to thank Pastor Fred with deep gratitude! He has taken care of our church during an incredibly challenging time with grace and a servant’s heart. We praise God for His provision of Fred for OCC!

Grace and Peace,
Pastors Karen and Nick

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