Interim Pastor Rev. Fred Elliott-Hart

The Council is pleased to announce that Rev. Fred Elliott-Hart will be our interim pastor beginning mid-February, and continuing until around the end of May, when we hope and expect that our new persons will begin their pastorate.

Fred has been a Covenant pastor for many years, and is right now between permanent positions. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Seminary in California. He and his wife Teri have three children; the youngest is a senior in high school. They live in Roslindale, MA, so he will be commuting, serving us in a half-time capacity—two and one half days per week. Typically he will be in church on Sundays, stay over Sunday night, and be in the office for some or all of Mondays. (That routine might vary a bit sometimes.) Since he will be half time, he will not be able to do all of the things that Pastor Nancy has done, though we have asked him to be available for hospital visits, or for other times of crisis in the lives of some of us.

During this interim period, we will all have to help with some of the tasks that Pastor Nancy has done so well for us. The Council has met with Fred, and I have had numerous conversations with him in which his warm hearted faith has been very evident to me. He has been a pastor in a church much like ours, so our many cultures and languages will not be a new experience for him. I look forward to our months under Fred’s ministry, as God continues His kingdom-building here in Indian Orchard.
Mike Foster, Council Chairperson


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