Help the Muhudu Orphan’s Feeding Program

Help the Muhudu Orphans Feeding Programme!
The Evangelism and Outreach Committee has learned
that after over ten years of tireless and unpaid work to
feed and clothe the orphans, negotiate school fees, etc.
(it’s a LOT of WORK!) Maurice Jumba’s ancient (40
years maybe?) and much-repaired car is dead and must
be replaced with a (newer used) vehicle that can
transport giant bags of corn, beans and rice, etc. A vehicle
has been identified, and a large donation has already
been pledged, but cars cost more in Kenya than here,
plus high taxes, insurance, registration… Let’s all give
something, so the car can be from the whole
church. Label any gifts for the car, “Muhudu Orphans
Car.” Many thanks – from the children!

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