Christmas Dinner in Muhudu Village!

On December 14, I received a text from Mama Esther Jumba:

“This is Mama Esther. I would like to thank you and the
entire church congregation for your untiring love for the
Muhudu orphans. Asante Sana! (Thank you very much!) 1
Corinthians 13:7 Love is kind and persevering. Merry

Mama had heard that OCC’s wire transfer to the Muhudu
Orphans Feeding Program, our Kenyan nonprofit, of
$1,000 had gone through, and dinner preparations were beginning,
for a Christmas Dinner Celebration on Saturday
December 22. Many thanks to those who gave generously
so we could send the money! We are still collecting for the
continuing feeding of two or three lunches per week, for older
children’s school fees. Recently, all the orphans received
new uniforms, sewn by one of the village moms (we buy the
fabric and she is paid $1 per uniform to sew), and the children
wear them so much the fabric wears out.

Did you know, our small church manages to send several
thousand dollars every year, over and above our General
Fund giving, to support the Muhudu Orphans? We are a
miracle! (Our Hungry Zebra is in the sanctuary, ready to be
filled with cash and coins, or write checks to OCC, and
specify Muhudu Orphans)

Mama’s family – her sons Maurice, his wife Nelly, Michael
and Eddie, and other helpers, will use our money to buy a
whole cow, vegetables, and rice, for an enormous pot of beef
stew. Once a year they eat beef! A few other food treats are
included – like the once-a-year ice cream treat and cake,
small bottles of soda (they will happily re-use the plastic
bottles for water) – and a gift of a wash basin and bar of

Also they will have a worship and bible time, telling the story
of Jesus and praising God, led by the Jumba siblings, including
Pastor Edward Jumba and their sister Jane Jumba,
who was visiting here just recently.

Most of the year the children eat corn, or corn and beans, or
sometimes rice and beans (rice is more expensive). Occasionally,
they might have chicken, and some have an avocado
tree, but their grandparents tend to sell the avocados for a
little cash instead of using them to boost their nutrition.
Most days the children eat once or twice; some days they
don’t eat at all.

The Christmas dinner is not just for our usual 100 – 120 orphans.
The younger children, the elderly and many others
also come to the Christmas dinner, so hundreds are fed and
able to celebrate the birth of Jesus with joy and a measure of
abundance. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

Pastor Nancy

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