June 8 Message From Pastor Nick “God Wants Us To Refresh”

This Sunday marks the end of the Sunday School for this church season,  and traditionally that has meant the start of the summer slump at church,  both in attendance and in financial support. Pastor Karen and I are taking time for vacation this summer and God commanded rest.  However, summer is not the time to…

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June 1 Message From Pastor Karen “Happy Thursday OCC!”

oy! It sure feels like summer this week! I hope you are finding ways to be cool. It probably does not come as a surprise, but I’m reading a new thought-provoking book. It’s called, “Our Unforming: De-Westernizing Spiritual Formation,” by Cindy S. Lee. Some of you may really enjoy reading it as well. Here are…

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May 25 Message From Pastor Nick “Happy Pentecost”

This Sunday is Pentecost… You can celebrate if you want by wearing red,  or a 1990’s style flames t-shirt.  On Sundays,  we have been exploring what the church was meant to do,  and walking through three pictures of the church:  one family,  one body, and this week,  one temple.  These pictures are found in Paul’s…

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May 18 Message From Pastor Nick “What If I Am Not Sure?”

We were talking the other day with someone in a serious situation and they mentioned that they were not certain that they believed in God. And this is something that we encounter quite frequently,  people who have been church-attenders,  but underneath there is fear because there is doubt somewhere inside them. But there is a…

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April 20 Message From Pastor Nick

Two chances to show up in our neighborhood One of the tasks for Orchard Covenant is to be a good neighbor in Indian Orchard.  To be present and a part of the community,  in part because that is just what a good neighbor does,  but also because if we want Indian Orchard to see what…

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April 6 Message From Pastor Karen “Innocent Savior”

A blessed Holy Week to you, Church! I hope you have set aside some time to contemplate Christ’s journey to the cross this week. If you haven’t, keep reading! Thanks to the focus of our Lenten sermon series about the last words Jesus spoke before he died on the cross, Pastor Nick and I have…

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March 30 Message From Pastor Karen “Why do you believe in Jesus?”

This was an honest question one of our teens asked Dina at Youth Group this Sunday. Dina did a great job with her answer, she answered honestly saying something like, “There have been times in my life when I knew something that happened was Jesus at work. There have been times in my life when…

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March 23 Message From Your Pastors

Evangelism:  What’s after being a good, trusted friend? I was so happy to get feedback from someone that is doing the missional challenges!  But one of the things she commented was that her friends that she is praying for and showing love to, just aren’t interested in faith or spiritual things.  This makes her feel stuck. …

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